Automatonophobia: Fear of Animatronics and Mannequins

By Cristian G. •  Updated: 02/10/23 •  3 min read
Automatonophobia: Fear of Animatronics and Mannequins

There’s something about those mannequins and animatronics that just give off a creepy vibe, one that’s so intimidating it can make you break out into a sweat. If you can relate to this, then listen up – chances are, you might be dealing with automatonophobia.

It’s nothing to be ashamed of, many people suffer from this phobia. Let’s dive deep into what the fear is all about before we discuss how best to cope with it.

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Those suffering from automatonophobia experience severe panic attacks when confronted by humanoid robots, wax figures, audio-animatronics or any figure made to represent human likeness. Common symptoms include shaking, sweating buckets, crying, heart palpitations and headaches—all as a result of an irrational fear towards these figures!


A clinical diagnosis hasn’t been able to pinpoint the exact cause behind this phobia yet. However, some studies point towards two possible sources:

  • Experiential phobia: arising from traumatic events related to humanoid figures.
  • Non-experiential phobia: caused by factors such as genetic makeup or development.

Regardless of which type you have though – don’t fret too much because help is available!

How is Automatonophobia Diagnosed?

The diagnostic criteria for automatonophobia requires a mental health professional. During your initial session, your therapist will run some tests to rule out any underlying conditions that may be causing your anxiety before employing the criteria set forth in The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual Of Mental Disorders 5th edition (DSM-5).

To get diagnosed with this condition according to DSM-5 standards you must meet the following criteria:

  • Irrational fear of humanlike figures
  • Frequent panic attacks
  • Disproportionate reaction compared with actual threat level
  • Conscious avoidance of contact with robotic or mannequin figures and drastic reduction in daily functionality due to fear lasting 6 months or more after examinations reveal no underlying physical reasons for fear/panic attacks.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has become increasingly popular in treating automatonophobias over the years thanks to its ability to replace irrational thoughts with ones more positive in nature.

This technique is also conducted via systematic desensitization where patients learn techniques on how best they can master their fears by gradually introducing them back into situations involving robots and mannequin impressions again over time until desensitization occurs and results become almost effortless.

Other methods include relaxation exercises like yoga plus minimizing caffeine and alcohol consumption as well as seeking social support from family and friends whenever needed.

Bottom Line

Automantonophobia might sound strange but believe us when we tell you it’s real and legit scary business if left untreated -which could lead persons affected becoming socially awkward leading potential isolation ultimately occurring over time!

That said fortunately there are plenty forms treatment available ranging meditation practice though hypnotherapy right down to online therapy.

Meaning help is just a few clicks away, so definitely consider starting your first therapy session today to feel better.

Cristian G.